Your Next Step of Faith

Unfortunately the church in general hasn’t always been known for being a positive experience, and left a lot of people wondering what’s the point. At Pineville Church the point is to help people know and experience God’s love fully through His son Jesus. We believe that God calls us to respond to His incredible love and mercy. There are many different ways we can respond, but here are a few of those ways to help us become known for love.

Meet Jesus

Jesus calls us into a relationship with Him. It's more than just checking off all the boxes on a list of religious duties. It's a real, personal relationship with the one who gave up His life to pay a debt that we could never pay on our own. When we say yes to Jesus, God offers us the opportunity to continue in our growing relationship through the help of his Holy Spirit.  Don't just know about Jesus–really know Him.

Being Baptized

Once you've begun your relationship with Jesus, we believe that God will draw you towards the next step of being baptized. Baptism offers us the opportunity to enter into the life and death of Jesus. It symbolizes that our lives can be made into a new life, by God that reflects him.

Your Story Matters

Faith is meant to be experienced with others. Generations have come before us and lifted us up on their shoulders. It's our job to make sure that the stories never stop being told. Share your story of grace and redemption and be part of the legacy of love.

Small Groups

These kind of people can be your people.

It doesn't really matter who you know as much as it matters who knows you. Life is lonely and difficult, and it's easy to try to hide in isolation when things aren't going your way. But we believe that you need people in your life to cheer you on, encourage, and pray for you through the best and worst times of life. Find a life group that you can rely on.

Join the Mission

Find a place to serve.

It doesn't really matter who y