You aren’t really living until you’re making a difference in this world.

We want to help you change the world around you, because we can’t do it without you. We have intentionally focused our efforts in a few ways that we believe will help you be effective at helping others.

New York City

Sometimes our mission is closer than we think. New York City is home to millions of people–the vast majority of whom don’t know Jesus. Our youth team has traveled to the big apple every year to build relationships with others there and to continue to provide events for neighborhoods in New York to share the love of Christ and His message of hope.

Central America

We recently sent a team to Central America to work with a local church. While our team was there, they helped build a single room school house for the village. Along with shoes and backpacks that were donated by our church back home, kids in this village are now receiving an education that is empowering and centered in Christ.


Through our strategic partnership with Blood:Water mission, we’ve sent over a hundred people to Africa to help drill new fresh water wells in areas where dozens were dying each year because of their inability to find clean drinking water. With these wells in place, many of these people who once feared sickness or death are now only a short walk away from safe, clean drinking water.

Ready to hop on a plane to save the world? Let us know and we’ll help you get wherever God is calling you.